Based in Cologne, Dagmar Gerke’s team is mainly called on to create bespoke credit insurance solutions for businesses largely located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

We work closely with our customers throughout every stage of their journey from initial contract negotiations through to the completion of a transaction or project. Ensuring transparency and trust is important to us.

Dagmar Gerke - Regional Head of Special Products for Germany, Central and Eastern Europe


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Reflecting the export-driven nature of much of the German economy, the majority of her team’s customers are manufacturers seeking support for transactions with complex requirements including long tenors and large contracts.

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Dagmar explains how her team work closely with both customers and brokers. “The Germany Special Products team is very skilled. On average we have 20-25 years’ experience working in credit insurance. We always aim to fully understand our customers’ needs and provide solutions tailored to cover political, credit and bond risks from the trade contract behind every transaction. Our team takes an active cross-divisional approach to support the lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 organisation in Central and Eastern Europe.

We want to be a reliable partner and, in our communications, we aim to be clear in what we are covering and what not. Providing comprehensible explanations is important to us, because this creates a professional basis for understanding risk in specific areas. In a regular exchange with brokers we share expectations as well as create joint opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our customers. The nature of the projects that our customers are involved in mean that we aim to have long-term relationships with them, to work with them from the very beginning of a project – from initial negotiations to the end of the contract. We talk to them on a regular basis to ensure they have the right coverage in place for their evolving needs. Ensuring transparency and trust is important to us. If a risk event occurs, we aim to find a balanced strategy that both considers our customers commercial interests towards their clients and minimises the loss to them and us.

The thing I like most about working in Special Products is when a customer comes to us with a problem or a need that initially seems impossible to solve. Then, after going deeper and collecting all the knowledge, we work out a way (usually a non-standard way) to provide a solution. This is very satisfying for me as well as the customer.

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