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Dirk Hagener | lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Head office

Dirk Hagener
Director of Group Communication & Commercial Development

Phone: +31 20 553 2047
Email: dirk.hagener@atradius.com

David Ricardostraat 1
1066 JS Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Sarah Cuffy

Phone: +44 207 743 9957
Email: sarah.cuffy@atradius.com

20 Gracechurch St.
London EC3V 0BG
United Kingdom


Andrea Riedle

Phone: +31 20 553 2052
Email: andrea.riedle@atradius.com

David Ricardostraat 1
1066 JS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

John Lorié, Senior Economist at lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Economic Research Department

Country Risk, Global Trade, Energy Markets, Insolvencies

John Lorié 
Chief Economist
Phone: +31 20 553 3079
Email: john.lorie@atradius.com

David Ricardostraat 1
1066 JS Amsterdam

For information about specific regions and/or countries, please visit  atradiusdutchstatebusiness.nl/en/reports  or contact one of our economists:

Dana Bodnar – North America, UK, Caribbean
Phone: +31 20 553 3165
Email: dana.bodnar@atradius.com

Bert Burger – Asia, Pacific
Phone: +31 20 553 2872
Email: bert.burger@atradius.com

Iulian Ciobica – Japan, Australia, Nordics, Eastern Europe
Phone: +31 20 553 2121
Email: iulian.ciobica@atradius.com

Ona Čiočytė – Eastern Europe
Phone: +31 20 553 2149
Email: ona.ciocyte@atradius.com

Greetje Frankena – South & Central America
Phone: +31 20 553 2406
Email: greetje.frankena@atradius.com

Niels de Hoog – Middle East, North & East Africa
Phone: +31 20 553 2407
Email: niels.dehoog@atradius.com

Theo Smid – Western Europe, Russia, Turkey, Central Asia
Phone: +31 20 553 2169
Email: theo.smid@atradius.com

Afke Zeilstra – West & Southern Africa
Phone: +31 20 553 2873
Email: afke.zeilstra@atradius.com

Gabrielle Weiss, Press contact for Australia Australia, New Zealand

Gabrielle Weiss

Phone: +61 434 609 281
Email: gabrielle.weiss@atradius.com

Level 14
1 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

For further information about Australia, please visit  atradius.com.au
For further information about New Zealand, please visit  atradius.co.nz

Patrick van der Avert Belgium, Luxembourg

Patrick van der Avert

Phone: +32 81 32 4524
Email: patrick.van.der.avert@atradius.com

Avenue Prince de Liège 74-78
5100 Namur

For further information about Belgium, please see atradius.be
For further information about Luxembourg, please see atradius.lu

Sylvia Wong, press contact for lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Asia, Middle East

Sylvia Wong

Phone: +852 3657 0810
Email: asiapress@atradius.com

Unit 4304-4306, Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road
Hong Kong

For further information about China, please see atradius.cn
For further information about Hong Kong, please see atradius.com.hk
For further information about Japan, please see atradius.jp
For further information about Singapore, please see atradius.sg


Peter Dahm Jacobsen, press contact for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden Nordic and Baltics

Peter Dahm Jacobsen

Phone: +45 33 26 52 434
Email: peter.dahm.jacobsen@atradius.com

Sjællandsbroen 21, 1
2450 Copenhagen SV

For lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Denmark, visit atradius.dk
For lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Finland, visit atradius.fi
For lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Norway, visit atradius.no
For lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Sweden, visit atradius.se

Fabienne Allainguillaume France

Fabienne Allainguillaume

Phone: +33 (1) 41 05 8329
Email: fabienne.allainguillaume@atradius.com

159 rue Anatole France
92596 Levallois Perret Cedex, Paris

For further information about France, please see atradius.fr


Astrid Goldberg Germany, Central and Eastern Europe

Astrid Goldberg

Phone: +49 221 2044 2210
Email: astrid.goldberg@atradius.com

Opladener Strasse 14
50679 Cologne

For further information about Austria, please see atradius.at
For further information about Czech Republic, please see atradius.cz
For further information about Germany, please see atradius.de
For further information about Greece, please see atradius.gr
For further information about Hungary, please see atradius.hu
For further information about Poland, please see atradius.pl
For further information about Slovakia, please see atradius.sk
For further information about Switzerland, please see atradius.ch
For further information about Turkey, please see atradius.com.tr

Silvia Ungaro, Press officer Italy Italy

Silvia Ungaro

Phone: +39 06 688 12 533
Email: silvia.ungaro@atradius.com

Via Crescenzio 12
00193 Rome

For further information about Italy, please see atradius.it

Mariëlla Dalstra The Netherlands

Mariëlla Dalstra

Phone: +31 20 553 2394
Email: mariella.dalstra@atradius.com

David Ricardostraat 1
1066 JS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For further information about The Netherlands, please see atradius.nl


Pavel Gomez del Castillo Recio, Press contact for lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Spain Spain, Portugal, Brazil

Pavel Gómez del Castillo Recio

Phone: +34 914 326 313
Email: pgomezre@creditoycaucion.es

Paseo de la Castellana 4
28046 Madrid

For further information about Brazil, please see creditoycaucion.es/br
For further information about Portugal, please see creditoycaucion.es/pt
For further information about Spain, please see creditoycaucion.es


Lewis Janes, Press contact for UK and Ireland UK, Ireland

Lewis Janes

Phone: +44 2920 824 000
Email: lewis.janes @atradius.com

3 Harbour Drive
Capital Waterside
Cardiff CF10 4WZ
United Kingdom

For more information about Ireland, please see atradius.ie
For more information about the UK, please see atradius.co.uk

Kathy Farley USA, Mexico, Canada

Kathy Farley

Phone: +1 410 568 3817
Email: kathy.farley@atradius.com

230 Schilling Circle, Suite 240
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
United States of America

For more information about Canada, please see atradius.us
For more information about Mexico, please see atradius.com.mx
For more information about the US, please see atradius.us

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